The Secret of Shambhala
In Search of the Eleventh Insight

by James Redfield


Visionary fiction books usually offer valuable insight for self-transformation and spiritual growth. What sets James Redfield's 4 Celestine Prophecy books apart is that his Insights inspire self-transformation to be coupled with an intent for global transformation through conscious evolution. Focusing on our own spiritual development alone isn't enough - we have to also open ourselves to a higher mission - sharing understanding, kindness and compassion to inspire others with the utopian vision of a more peaceful, just and sustainable world that is possible through the 12 Insights. The Secrets of Shambhala continues where the first two books in the series left off to show us what our utopian future can be.

You might need to read the first two books to be fully prepared for the journey to utopia in this title, but if you're eager to dive right in to discover the secret of Shambhala (Shangri-La) - a legendary place where utopia already exists here in our own time - check out Redfield's revised summary of the 12 Celestine Insights before you do - .

The Secret of Shambhala
by James Redfield
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