A Mobile Utopia

by George Zebrowski


Fascinating epic science fiction / philosophic adventure where, over the millennia after earth's destruction, humanity populates the stars in self contained macrolife bio-domes. A more utopian life without greed, hunger, disease and where even death is rare, is possible within these carefully controlled eco-systems, because human potential becomes unlimited without the externally-driven evolutionary survival-in-a-world-of-scarcity struggle inherent in planetary living, when coupled with a true democratic government that allows for an egalitarian society, complete freedom of the individual to pursue their talents and passions, and equal access to all of the knowledge and wisdom in the totality of humanity's experience. Whenever populations increase to the size where conflicts over the macroworld's purpose and direction arise, the rebellion becomes a cooperative venture to build a new macroworld for the revolutionaries to set off on their own chosen course of evolutionary divergence.

A Mobile Utopia

by George Zebrowski
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