A Tale of Two Islands
by Bruce Castle


A Tale of Two Islands is an intriguing pair of stories about visitors to two very different islands. One is a sustainable, egalitarian utopian commune in a lush paradise, and the other is eight thousand miles away, a harsh, bleak outpost of the British Empire.

Rainbow Fallon (who now calls himself Ray), the visitor to the utopian island, is returning after fourteen years to the birthplace he left as a teenager; David Cox, the visitor to the other island, is a scientist hired to set up a sustainable garden to grow fresh produce on the barren terrain.

Ray has come to confront his past and to wreak vengeance on the community he views as elitists in trying to hold onto a pocket of utopia in an increasingly dystopian world, and whom he blames for certain personal traumatic events because he feels their commune's tenets are na´ve and ill-equipped to deal with harsh realities. David Cox more empathetically faces the numerous obstacles to creating his sustainable garden -- the clashing interests of the island's ruling class, the British military and the marginalized locals, in addition to the harsh climate. Each of the visits is a growing experience for the visitors as well as a transformative one for the lives they touch during their time on the islands.

This novel is an interesting read for Utopian Dreamers, not only in its depiction of a utopian commune, but also in its contemplative questions and insights about the real-world implications, complications and consequences of creating and maintaining utopian communities or even a utopian garden in a dystopian world.

A Tale of Two Islands
by Bruce Castle
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