Mom Saves The Universe
by B. P. Meinhardt (J.P. de Boata)


Intriguing, mind-expanding epic philosophical, cosmological, sociological and erotic utopian love-story spanning over two centuries. The tale begins with the marriage of a German immigrant trader to a Florida Indian princess in 1850, progresses to tribal living in the mid-20th century, moonshine running, cold war tensions and intrigue, an intentional community devoted to green energy in the late 20th century, the Great Crash of 2025, a meteor storm that wipes out half of Earth's population, and culminates in a utopian matriarchal society in the year 2100 that re-shapes the world "based on maternal family values: caring, nurturing, motherliness, and treating all critters like family kin" resulting in a "balanced, sharing and peaceful society." A definite must-read for Utopian Dreamers.

Mom Saves The Universe
by B. P. Meinhardt
(J.P. de Boata)

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