The Peacetopian Community

by Robert Alan Silverstein

"Nothing that I can do will change the structure of the universe.
But maybe, by raising my voice I can help the greatest of all causes
- goodwill among men and peace on earth."
- Albert Einstein

Professor Einstein's wonderful sentiment is only partly true. You see, we're raising our voices here to help create a better world, but we also believe we CAN change the structure of the Universe to make peace on earth possible.

Maybe when YOU hear our story, you'll decide to join us.

If it weren't for the Internet you'd never have found us. The world has a way of ignoring and suppressing anything that challenges its preconceived idea of reality. In some ways, it has a vested interest in preventing you from finding us.

But here you are. So, welcome.

We are The Peacetopian Community. We're a rag-tag band of dreamers - artists, writers, musicians and filmmakers - who live together on a farm as an intentional community. We live together and we work together, united in a shared mission - to create peace on earth.

I know you probably rolling your eyes, and thinking "Peace on earth is an impossible dream!" That's what people have to think in order to continue living the life they're living. Each of us was just like you before we found each other.

If you're reading this, you've probably had a moment of Awakening in your life, just like us. A moment when you 'woke up' and realized your life was much more than being born, trying to experience life and then dying.

In a turning-point moment of clarity, each of us realized at some point in our lives that we had a mission and a purpose. Each of us had a vision of, what we later discovered, was Peacetopia … for some it was vague, for other it was clear, but we had a strong sense of the possibility of a Heaven on Earth; a reality transformed so that there is an end to all suffering and pain for all living beings. The vision faded a moment later, but we realized there was no greater mission for our lives than to pursue that beautiful dream. We resolved to dedicate our lives to helping change the world. We found hope in the realization that we are part of an endless chain of conscious evolution that has slowly been transforming the structures that shape our history, so that the future will be more peaceful, just and sustainable. We knew without a doubt that we are here to help create Peacetopia.

For some of us, years passed in loneliness after our Awakening. We felt our mission so strongly within, but those around us didn't feel the passion we felt. Those we loved were so deeply entrenched in the daily struggles of living, that they couldn't understand our desire for living a life of deeper meaning. They couldn't see how we longed to share that adventure with them. And so we tried as best we could to hold on to our dream, to keep it as close to the forefront of our consciousness as we could as the day to day struggles of reality pushed the dream deeper within, where we held the most treasured secrets of our innermost truths.

Until we found each other, and everything changed, and our lives began anew.

Now, just to be clear, we don't exactly believe there'll be a magical moment that will transform this reality into a happily-ever after new beginning. Not exactly, anyway.

What we believe is that if we can capture the beauty of a possible path to that peaceful future in words or pictures or song, and make it clear just how wonderful it could be, it COULD indeed transform this reality and set us on the path to that brighter future for us all. For the telling of that story would inspire others to believe that better world is possible, and empower others to use their creative talents to manifest their own unique vision of that path to that future. Which would in turn inspire even more to hope and believe and work to manifest that dream.

Ultimately, the vision of a better world would become so ingrained in the collective consciousness that it would be an accepted shared vision and a worthy goal and reality that we can work to achieve together. Then, at last, we would really be on the road to Peacetopia.

In effect, the transformation will seem to have occurred in a magical moment. But like a magician revealing his secrets shows, the result was obtained behind the scenes with logic and deliberation and hard work.

E. B. White once said: "I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day…" But here in our little community, we enjoy every day working together to improve the world. Our joy for living comes from experiencing the beauty of life together, and nurturing each other as human beings, and as kindred spirits creatively collaborating in the greatest mission in human history - helping humanity imagine, believe in and work for a better world.

And so our day job entails using our artistic talents to create works that manifest that vision of Peacetopia, to inspire hope that will empower others to imagine and help build a better world. Every work is centered on our shared Peacetopian Dream. Every work helps bring us closer to turning that dream into reality.

We're waiting for you to join us.

© 2011 Robert Alan Silverstein


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May Peace Prevail On Earth



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