Soulful Dancer
by Robert Alan Silverstein

Soulful dancer dances through my dreams,
Twirling, swirling, gliding on moonbeams.
Her arms are held out high up to the sky,
And waves of peace reach me as she drifts by.
She smiles and beckons joyfully to me.
Rising I am feeling that I’m free.
As she leads on, I’m filled with song, and dance along…
Soulful dancing till I’m free…

Soulful dancer leads me to a dream,
So familiar to me that it seems
That this dream is more real than my life;
A timeless place where all once wrong is right.
A world where every enslaved heart is free,
Where joy and love and peace are all we see
In every face, and every trace of pain’s erased…
Soulful dancing, we are free…

Soulful dancer reaches out her hand
Just before the sun peeks on this land.
She whispers “Don’t forget this dream we’ve dreamed,
When you’re awake it might not feel as real as it has seemed.
But this dream is real and will come true!
We’ll share it with the world when I find you…”
Then with the dawn, she was gone, but words lingered on:
“Soulful dancing will lead you here to me…”

Soulful dancer won’t you come to me.
It’s true your soulful dance has set me free.
The Dream we shared still burns inside my soul.
It guides my life and almost makes me whole.
Except I find that I am missing you.
Together we could make our dream come true.
I know somehow, you’ll heed your vow, please hear me now…
Soulful dancing will lead you here to me…

Poem (c) 2014 Robert Alan Silverstein
Illustration (c) 1996 Ginger Nielson



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